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Meet Amber


I have my bachelor’s in Integrated Studies from University of North Texas with a focus in sociology, journalism, and kinesiology. I am currently enrolled at Texas Christian University for graduate studies majoring in Strategic Communications. 

Over the past five years, working in the world of sports journalism has given me many unique experiences and opportunities. I started On Alert with Amber in 2016 where I had the honor of gaining professional experience in sports media relations with the NFL for Super Bowl LIV and Super Bowl LV. I as well had the privilege to interview several athletes and CEOs like Trent Williams, Tom Brady, Patrick Mahomes, Travis Kelce, Shaquille O’Neal, Charles Barkley, Ice Cube of Big 3, Pam Oliver, etc. I had the pleasure of getting experience in my undergrad as a Floor Director for NTTV Mean Green Football, where I learned how to properly produce a sports show. I have performed exceptional work as a Content Writer at Texas Christian University - Neeley School of Business. I have coordinated several strategic plans and implemented content to help support leadership as a Marketing Intern with Dallas Sports Commission. My internship with People Newspapers and Lonestar Sports Social have strengthened my writing, creative storytelling, and social media management abilities. Along with my journalism duties, I have also spent time with the non-profit, Myles Place Foundation by creating fundraising and awareness projects for special needs kids and young adults.

With my time in sports, working major events around the world, and the knowledge I’ve gained during my studies, I have gained the experience necessary in executing successful journalism and communication strategies. I am qualified to contribute to the responsibilities and duties required in a major media industry.


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