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With Frog Nation in the Rearview, Miller is Ready to Get to Work for the Black and Gold

By Amber Billops

May 4, 2023

The NFL doesn’t know the inner beast that has been released from inside Millers heart of determination. Alvin Kamara, GET READY, Millie Miller is coming!

Texas Christian University (TCU) former running back Kendre Miller was selected 71st pick by the New Orleans Saints in the third round of the 2023 NFL Draft. Playing an instrumental role in the success of TCU 2022/23 football season, Miller exemplifies what hard work and dedication rewards.

Millers' college career was spent dominating defensive players. Recording 2,410 rushing yards, 26 touchdowns by way of 361 carries over 33 games at TCU. Despite not being one of the most highly touted running backs in the draft, Miller's solid production and versatility maintained the attention of the Saints' coaching staff. The Saints had one goal “find a reliable running back” who can get the job done.

“I appreciate the Saints and everyone who supported me to get here,” said Kendre Miller. “I am just ready to get to work. Frog nation, I love you all for life!”

Millers' addition is the creative force the Saints needed to expound on their already dynamic offense. Millers' addition adds “validity” to the running game. He is agile, durable, and has no issues running between the tackles, short yardage situations are about to be nail biting as he powers his way through. As a talented pass-catcher from his former days as a receiver, defensive coordinators will need to adjust because Miller 3rd down conversion potential is high.

“I am ready to learn from Kamara and build that foundation early on,” said Miller.

Interest in Miller by NFL teams had been steadily increasing, making way for him to inevitably get picked during the 2023 NFL draft season. Numerous NFL scouts reportedly admired his toughness and ability to break tackles. Although Miller did not perform at the NFL Combine or TCU Pro Day, the Saints didn’t need the vanity of such athletic events, in order to embrace Millers potential. The Saints have a long-standing reputation for developing talented running backs. Miller will have the opportunity to learn from established veterans like Alvin Kamara and Jamaal Williams.

Left to Right: Alexis Ramos (Wasserman), Kendre Miller, Cliff Laboy (Wasserman), Quincy Peyton (Wasserman)

“Preparing Kendre for this moment was different from most athletes for the pre-draft process because he had a knee injury that he suffered during the Vrbo Fiesta Bowl championship game against Michigan,” said Quincy Peyton, NFL Agent at Wasserman. “Coming in, we understood he’s not going to be able to run at the NFL Combine or TCU Pro Day, so we had to get Kendre intensive interview training. He prepped with former high level NFL General Managers who could help him wow teams during interviews because that’s all he had, along with his film from TCU. He ended up impressing teams in those interviews and was the fourth running back taken off the board when many projections had him being the ninth or 10th.”

Wasserman is a well-respected sports agency that represents athletes in a variety of sports. They have a strong reputation in the NFL, representing over 100 players selected in the first three rounds of the draft. It was an easy move for Miller to sign with Wasserman as he begins his journey into the NFL.

"Kendre helped himself out tremendously by killing his interview process, and his film was amazing. He's a great young man! This means a lot to Wasserman because we put in the work and he was able to go higher in the draft than people expected," said Peyton.

Miller being embraced by his parents, Kendrick and Anessia Miller, after hearing his name called.

Now Miller must cash in on the collegiate experience in exchange for continued success at the NFL level. Building upon his natural talent of power, speed, and versatility Kendre Miller has all the tools necessary to succeed at the NFL level. The Saints' decision to draft him in the third round is the validation needed to how hard he works and the fans across the globe can anticipate seeing a true workhorse in the backfield for seasons to come.

Special thanks to Local Tap & Table!

Photos by: Dezmon Jackson / Vision19Photograph

Left to right: Solomon Kindley (Miami Dolphins), Isaiah Williams (San Francisco 49ers), Vincent Taylor (CEO of Elite Loyalty Sports), Ty Nsekhe (Dallas Cowboys), Terrance Marshall (Carolina Panthers), Trent Williams (San Francisco 49ers), Geron Christian (Houston Texans), and Toney Scott (Elite Loyalty Sports Agent)

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