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Amber Billops

July 10, 2023

From an all-star owner to two elite trainers, discover the powerhouse behind the K27 Performance facility, and unleash your full potential by joining a community fueled by passion, integrity, and humble confidence.

Nick Kirpes/K27 Performance Photo of Daronte Powers

In the heart of Frisco, Texas, a state-of-the-art facility known as K27 Performance stood. Opened in May 2021 by the esteemed owner, Matt Kemp, a former professional baseball player, the facility aims to support athletes at every stage of their careers. With a rich background in the Los Angeles Dodgers organization and numerous accolades to his name, Kemp's vision for K27 Performance is fueled by his passion for the game and the pursuit of excellence.

Inside the facility, athletes from all walks of life train diligently, striving to reach their full potential. K27 Performance offers programs catering to a wide range of individuals, from middle schoolers to professionals, and specializes in baseball, soccer, and football. It is a place where dreams are nurtured, and skills are honed to perfection.

Nick Kirpes/K27 Performance Photo: Left to right: Jaylon Smith and Daronte Powers

One of the key figures at K27 Performance was the Director of Business Development, Daronte Powers, with his own compelling story. Raised in Fort Wayne, Indiana, to a Marine father and a hardworking mother, Daronte grew up in a competitive environment, always immersing himself in sports. He excelled as a student-athlete at the collegiate level, participating in track and field and showcasing his talent as a wide receiver in football.

Daronte's journey led him to the athletic performance industry, where he spent several years developing athletes at various institutions. His expertise, leadership qualities, and role model status made him an invaluable asset to K27 Performance. Daronte's mission was to inspire perseverance and belief in the athletes and the community he serves.

“As leaders at K27Performance, we believe in making an intentional effort to be purposeful in the pursuit of bettering our community while practicing a high level of humility in our approach to serving athletes,” said Powers.

Another key figure is the Director of Performance at the facility, Stephen Hopkins, a Kansas City native with a wealth of experience in strength and conditioning. After a successful athletic career at Marcus High School and the University of Michigan, Stephen dedicates himself to helping athletes of all ages and skill levels. His goal is to provide effective and holistic athletic development, ensuring that athletes excel physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Nick Kirpes/K27 Performance Photo: Left to right: Mari Boyd and Stephen Hopkins

Among the talented athletes who train at K27Performance were Jaylon Smith and Rod Smith from the world of football, Ricardo Pepi, Diego Pepi, Johan Gomez, Johnathon Gomez, Antonio Carrera, Nico Carrera, and Thomas Roberts from the realm of soccer, and remarkable roster of baseball players, including Rowdy Tellez, Julio Martinez, Joe Gray Jr, Tyler Collins, Mari Boyd, Willie Calhoun, and Michael Sandle. These athletes are dedicated to their craft, and K27 Performance became their second home—a place where they can grow, improve, and chase their dreams.

Nick Kirpes/K27 Performance Photo of middle school performance class with Stephen Hopkins

Beyond catering to athletes, K27 Performance welcomes individuals seeking to enhance their fitness and well-being. Their adult fitness program is designed to transform ordinary individuals into stronger, leaner, and more functionally mobile versions of themselves. Whether fitness enthusiasts, former athletes, or everyday people looking to improve their health, K27 Performance embraces everyone.

The legacy of K27 Performance continues to thrive, fueled by the passion and dedication of its owner, Matt Kemp, and talented trainers like Daronte Powers and Stephen Hopkins. Athletes of all ages and backgrounds flock to the facility, united by their shared desire to excel and push the boundaries of their potential. K27 Performance became a beacon of hope, a place where dreams transform into reality, and where the pursuit of greatness is celebrated every day.

To connect with the facility, visit or reach out through social media platforms like Instagram (K27performance) and Facebook (K27 Performance). Alternatively, contact the facility directly at 972-805-5895 or email

Left to right: Solomon Kindley (Miami Dolphins), Isaiah Williams (San Francisco 49ers), Vincent Taylor (CEO of Elite Loyalty Sports), Ty Nsekhe (Dallas Cowboys), Terrance Marshall (Carolina Panthers), Trent Williams (San Francisco 49ers), Geron Christian (Houston Texans), and Toney Scott (Elite Loyalty Sports Agent)

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