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Dreams to Reality: Johnston Plans to Make An Immediate Impact in LA

By Amber Billops

May 2, 2023

With a lot to prove, there’s no doubt in Quentin Johnston’s mind that he will have an impactful rookie season and future in the NFL.

Quentin Johnston at his draft party at Dave & Busters

Texas Christian University (TCU) standout wide receiver Quentin Johnston was drafted 21st overall in the 1st round of the 2023 NFL draft by the Los Angeles Chargers. Johnston, a critical component to the Horn Frogs explosive offense has proven that hard work and dedication is the underbelly of being selected in the draft by an NFL team.

“It didn’t hit me at first, but when I got my name called it felt like Mike Tyson came and hit me for real,” said Quentin Johnston. “I am not an emotional person but the thought of me being able to retire my mom and thinking of my grandma who passed away in 2020 just brought that out of me. It’s something I have never experienced before.”

Johnston and his mother, Sherry

Johnston, standing 6’4” and weighing approximately 215lbs is a significant target for a quarterback, making life difficult for just about any defensive back. His skills became evident reaching 115 receptions that accumulated to 2,190 total yards resulting in an impressive 14 touchdowns in 32 games. Johnston also demonstrated his versatility as a special teamer, returning six kicks for 124 yards during his time with the Horned Frogs. The Chargers, highly impressed, was influenced by Johnston combine performance, which only solidified what they had seen on film. Johnston had proven he deserves to be a first rounder.

“It’s every receiver’s dream to go somewhere with a good quarterback and build, and I plan on walking in on the first day and doing just that,” said Johnston.

The Chargers needed a big-bodied receiver who could stretch the field and make contested catches in the red zone, and Johnston fits that mold perfectly. His size and athleticism makes him a nightmare matchup for opposing defensive players, and his ability to catch the ball in traffic answers the question “is he NFL quality?” with a resounding yes. He averaged 3.04 yards per route run, becoming the best in the Big 12 conference and 8th amongst FBS. The addition of Johnston will likely motivate quarterback Justin Herbert to take more chances down field, clearing up space for WR Keenan Allen and Mike Williams who only averaged slightly over 2 yards per route. Johnston also has a solid understanding of route-running and is not afraid to fight for the ball when it’s in the air.

“I’m excited to meet Herbert,” said Johnston. “I am going in day one picking his brain to see what I can pick up and learn because the ultimate goal is to make an impact early. I came to prove at the professional level. I did it at the college level and now I need to prove it to all the people that’s not 100 percent sold on me.”

Johnston’s draft stock had been on the rise, with several NFL scouts praising his ability to make difficult catches and run crisp routes. His performance at TCU’s pro day in March also impressed many NFL teams, where he ran a blistering 4.50-second 40-yard dash and showed off his impressive vertical leap.

“At Wasserman we have an extensive pre-draft program that prepares every athlete physically, mentally and emotionally for this moment” said Alexis Ramos, Director of Football at Wasserman. “On draft night, we provided Quentin with his draft range and the teams in play for him, so he knows what to expect. We are so proud of Quentin for trusting our process and being willing to learn. We are so excited and thankful to have an opportunity to help Quentin’s dream come true and create a legacy lasting career for him and his family.”

Left to right: Alexis Ramos, Quentin Johnston, and Quincy Peyton

Wasserman is a well-respected sports agency that represents athletes in a variety of sports. They have a strong reputation in the NFL, representing over 100 players selected in the first three rounds of the draft. The signing with Wasserman is seen as a smart move for Johnston as he begins his journey into the NFL. With their experience and expertise, he will have the support he needs to navigate the challenges of being a professional athlete.

“It was a long road preparing Quentin for this moment,” said Quincy Peyton, NFL Agent at Wasserman. I told Quentin if he follows the strategic plan we have laid out for him, he would be a top draft pick. He did everything we asked of him plus more which means a lot to Wasserman.”

With his size, athleticism, and skill set, Quentin Johnston has all the tools necessary to become a standout receiver in the NFL. His selection in the first round of the draft was a steal for the Chargers, and he could prove to be one of the biggest steals of the entire draft. Johnston has a bright future in the NFL, and fans of the Chargers will be eager to see him in action in the coming seasons.

Special thanks to Dave & Busters!

Photos by: Dezmon Jackson / Vision19Photography

Left to right: Solomon Kindley (Miami Dolphins), Isaiah Williams (San Francisco 49ers), Vincent Taylor (CEO of Elite Loyalty Sports), Ty Nsekhe (Dallas Cowboys), Terrance Marshall (Carolina Panthers), Trent Williams (San Francisco 49ers), Geron Christian (Houston Texans), and Toney Scott (Elite Loyalty Sports Agent)

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